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          10/2002 - issue 2
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In the past few years, the rapid expansion of wind energy use in Europe, especially in Germany, has surpassed all projections. The ten-fold increase in turbine power during this period is an indication of the degree to which this technology has advanced.

In view of the important role of wind energy among renewable energies, this Newsletter will focus on wind energy. This Newsletter gives an overview of the wind energy market in Europe and in Southeast Asia.

On the next three pages the situation of the European wind energy market is demonstrated. The general framework conditions of wind energy and the wind resources in Europe are shown. Furthermore, the status and advances in wind technology in Europe are pointed out. In addition, different policy instruments for wind energy in Europe and the economic project characteristics such as financing schemes, legal forms and economic data are presented. Finally, success factors of wind energy projects in Europe are summarized and the prospects for the European wind power is given.

In the succeeding two or so pages, an overview about wind energy in Southeast Asia is presented. Results of recent wind resource studies undertaken in selected countries of Southeast Asia are discussed. The results show the potential areas for wind power development. In addition, the status of the development of the technology in the region is also summarized. Some of the main barriers to the commercialization of wind power in Southeast Asia are identified and elaborated. Finally, the potential of wind for power generation in the region is briefly discussed.

In the next issues of this Newsletter, other renewable energy technologies�biomass and small hydro power�will be featured.

Meanwhile, we extend a very warm welcome to all our speakers and participants to the ASEM Green IPP Network First Regional Workshop with the theme of "Renewable energy sources in SEA�current stage, market conditions, and outlook." With this Workshop, we hope to facilitate the promotion of clean, environment-friendly and renewable energy technologies for power generation as well as foster closer cooperation among European and Southeast Asian countries in this endeavor.


Upcoming Event

ASEM Green IPP Network First Regional Workshop

Renewable energy sources in SEA
Current stage, market conditions, and outlook

24-25 October 2002 Sofitel Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand


Day 1

Opening Session (8:00 - 9:00)

Welcome/Opening remarks: IIP (Germany), the European Commission (Thailand), FIHRD (Thailand)

� Launching of project website and newsletter: CEERD -FIHRD (Thailand)

Keynote Presentations (9:00 - 10:00)

� Latest developments in renewable energy policy and programs in the context of the 2001 Bali Declaration: ESCAP

� Implications of power sector restructuring on Green IPPs: UNEP

Panel Session 1: Focus on Biomass (10:30 - 15:30)

� Presentation on European policy instruments: ECN (Netherlands)

� Presentation on market conditions, barriers and outlook for biomass in Southeast Asia (SEA) : AIT Cogen (Thailand)

� SPPs and Encon Fund of Thailand: NEPO (Thailand)

� Case study on project structures and financing: EGCO (Thailand)

� Case study on policy instruments: Small Renewable Power (SREP) Programme of Malaysia: PTM (Malaysia)

� Country presentations: MIME (Cambodia), IRES (Indonesia)

Panel Session 2: Focus on Wind (15:30 - 17:30)

� Project structures of wind energy projects in Europe: IIP

� Presentation on market conditions, barriers and outlook for wind in SEA: PNOC (Philippines)

� Country presentations: UPSL (Philippines), DEDP (Thailand)

Day 2

Panel Session 3: Focus on Hydropower (8:30 - 10:30)

� Presentation on European technology (and resources): Risoe (Denmark)

� Presentation on market conditions, barriers and outlook for small and mini-hydro in SEA: IHC (China)

� Country presentations: DEDP (Thailand), Institute of Vietnam, HEDCOR (Philippines)

Open Forum (Parallel Sessions, 11:00 - 12:00)

� Session 1: Project structures and financing approaches

� Session 2: Policy instruments and regulation

� Session 3: Renewable energy technology and resources

Closing session (12:00 - 12:30)

� Summary and preliminary conclusions

� Workshop adjournment

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