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Informatics Management Associates Co., Ltd. ..... (New)
     Green IPP Network Phase II Information ..... (New)
          Introduction of the Partners
               Informatics Management Associates Co., Ltd. ..... (New)

The company, Informatics Management Associates Co., Ltd. (IMA) was founded in 1996. We have been since, providing computer training and support for a wide range of both Thai and foreign companies working in Thailand. With the worldwide IT boost and growing local needs, IMA has specialized in websites development and Internet services.

Throughout the conduct of internal research in the field of search engines, information processes and automatons, IMA has conceived a series of interactive online tools to respond to the needs of flexibility and team efficiency. We have therefore developed a whole new generation of Web sites that are easy to maintain, easy to navigate, and easy to administer : our IMA Dynamic Web Editor. 

IMA has proven experience and expert knowledge on development and set up of dynamic websites. We have been able to reinforce these assets over the years, through collaboration with a number of organizations in Asia and Europe. In addition to the websites of projects like the EC-ASEAN Green IPP Network, we have also contributed to several other energy related projects, including the "Facilitating the dissemination of European clean technologies in Thailand" funded by Asia-Invest (EC) in 2001, and the "Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies" project funded by DANIDA (Danish International Cooperation Agency), in 2002.

If you need to contact us, or for more information about us:

Informatics Management Associates Co., Ltd. (IMA)
59 Mansion No. 8
Radjadamnern Klang Avenue
10200 Bangkok Thailand
Mr. Banyat Pandara
Tel.: +66 2 629 0910
Fax.: +66 2 629 0911
[email protected]

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