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          01/2004 - issue 7
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In this issue, we report the results of the two regional workshops that the Green Independent Power Producers Network has organized last year. The third regional workshop was held last September in the Netherlands. During the workshop, experiences on green independent power production were shared. The major topics discusses included policies and market context, project organization and new financing opportunities as well as technology and approaches and resources.

On the other hand, the fourth workshop was held last November in Singapore. The workshop was part of the �Sustainable Energy in Asia 2003� conference and exhibition that was organized by IIR Exhibitions. The 3-day event brought international energy industries to Singapore to benefit from new information about the latest regulatory, financial and technological developments in the Asian sustainable energy market. It was the perfect venue to for the Network to exchange information on renewable energy and energy efficiency, particularly between ASEAN and EU countries.

Meanwhile, two important articles are also featured in this issue. The first article is about the model-based analysis of large-scale renewable energy production. This article discusses two energy model applications of PERSEUS (Programme Package for Emission Reduction Strategies in Energy Use and Supply), which were developed by the Institute of Industrial Production (IIP) of the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. A large number of studies that use different PERSEUS models have been conducted by IIP.

The second article discusses the European experiences with wind resource assessment. The article mentions that different methods are available today to assess wind resources. Examples are mentioned, such as the Wind Atlas method for Denmark.


Fourth Regional Workshop

The Policy and Regulatory Framework for Green IPP Market Development
20 November 2003, Singapore

The fourth regional workshop of the ASEM Green IPP Network was successfully held on 20 November 2003 at the Raffles City Convention Centre in Singapore. The main objective of this workshop was to exchange information on renewable energy and energy efficiency between ASEAN and EU countries. The main focus was policy and regulatory framework for Green IPP market development. The private sector experiences and call for action were also highlighted.

The workshop consisted of four sessions, namely: 1) the Green IPP project outcomes; 2) policy instruments creating green power market; 3) private sector experiences and call for action, and 4) panel discussion.

Session 1 presented the outcomes of the Green IPP Network Project, which highlighted, among others, its objectives, activities, and future tasks and challenges. Green IPP technologies and resources from the EU perspective were also highlighted.

Session 2 highlighted, among others, the policy instruments creating green power market (green power market, possible support policies, example from Europe) as presented by European parties and international market for certified emissions reduction were illustrated by Southeast Asian parties.

Session 3 addressed experiences of private sector and call for action, and financing sources and approaches towards the development of green IPP market in Asia.

Session 4 provided an open discussion between resource speakers and participants. This session marked the end of the meeting and followed by the closing remarks.

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