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Programme & Proceedings
          Amsterdam, 25 September 2003
               Programme & Proceedings

 ASEM Green IPP Network
Third Regional Workshop

"Experiences of Green Independent Power Producers
Approaches in the international context

25 September 2003, ECN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

download workshop report now! (400 Kb)

Download proceedings (pdf documents)

        • Workshop report (912 kB)
        • 0.1 Dominik Most (1,3 Mb)
        • 1.1 Tjarinto Tjaroko (525 kB)
        • 1.2 Hage de Vries (590 kB)
        • 2.1 Pierrick Yalamas (1,5 Mb)
        • 2.2 Pim Kieskamp (542 kB)
        • 2.3 Pekka Skytta (1,1 Mb)
        • 3.1 Samuel Hernando - part 1 (6,7 Mb)
        • 3.1 Samuel Hernando - part 2 (1,9 Mb)
        • 3.2 Christophe Nappez (1,9 Mb)





  • 9:00- 9:30 Registration


  • 9:30 Opening, presentation web-discussion results
    Mr. Dominik M�st, IIP Karlsruhe

Session 1: Policies and market context for green IPPs

  • 9:50 Overview of developments in the SEA electricity market and policies � impacts on green IPPs
    Dr. Guillermo R. Balce, Executive Director ASEAN Centre for Energy ACE
  • 10:10 Overview of developments in the European electricity market and policies � impacts on green IPPs
    Mr. Emiel van Sambeek, Researcher New and Renewable Energies, ECN
  • 10:30 Discussion: Europe versus SEA, identification of main differences and similarities

    10:50 Coffee Break

Session 2: Project organisation and financing structures I

  • 11:10 Experiences with financing project structures
    Mr. Daan Dijk, Manager Sustainable Energy & Environmental Markets, Rabobank
  • 11:30 Renewable energy for electrification: integrating options in planning tools based on the cases of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and the role of CDM in project financing
    Ms. Anjali Shanker, Director IED
  • 11:50 Investing in Renewable Energy projects, experiences at ADB.
    Dr. Pim Kieskamp, freelance international consultant sustainable energy & climate change, former ADB Renewable Energy and Climate Change Specialist
  • 12:10 Possibilities of the EC- ASEAN Energy Facility (EAEF) Programme
    Mr. Pekka Skytta (EC Co-Director of EAEF) and Mr. Tjarinto S. Tjaroko (ASEAN Co-Director), Indonesia

    12:30 Lunch

Session 2 continued : project organisation and financing structures

  • 13:30 The role of Post Johannesburg Agreements in stimulating renewable energy investments through Public Private Partnerships
    Mr. Paul Hassing, Head of the Climate and Energy Division of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS DML/KM)
  • 13:50 Discussion: challenges and chances for project organisation and financing of RE projects in ASEAN

Session 3: IPP experiences

  • 14:20 Implementing a 40MW wind energy project in the Philippines
    PNOC, Philippines
  • 14:40 Pilot project for rural electrification using renewable energy in Xinjiang, China
    Christophe Nappez project manager, EDF
  • 15:00 Coffee break
  • 15:20 Experiences of a Dutch IPP investing in Asia (speaker not yet confirmed)
  • 15:50 Discussion

Session 4: Discussion

  • 16:00 Applicability of these experiences and possible success factors for Southeast Asia
  • 17:00 End of the workshop
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