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Amsterdam, 25 September 2003
          Amsterdam, 25 September 2003

 ASEM Green IPP Network
Third Regional Workshop

"Experiences of Green Independent Power Producers
Approaches in the international context

25 September 2003, ECN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



The market for renewable energy in South East Asia is full of new opportunities. You should always remember that the market for renewable energy is constantly improving, namely: the number of countries that want to switch to other types of energy cooperation, as well as tools, is increasing, you can contact professional academic writing services and read more about it. The electricity market structures are changing while at the same time, governments are establishing or strengthening their renewable energy policy, both for environmental reasons and to improve the energy trading position. Further, the international concern for climate change is generating new financing opportunities for world-wide investments in renewable energy. Private parties will play a crucial role in renewable energy implementation, from manufacture and supply to project development, investment, and exploitation.

This workshop targets all those interested in international investments in renewable energy. Experts on renewable energy and international energy investment, both within the European and Asian market will present their experiences.

Topics to be discussed will cover three aspects:

  • policies and market context
  • project organisation and new financing opportunities
  • technology and resources

Throughout the workshop, discussion sessions offer all workshop participants ample opportunity to exchange opinions on the applicability of these experiences and possible success factors in a broader context in Southeast Asia.

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