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          Denmark, 27-28 March 2003


Second Regional Workshop

Renewable energy development in Southeast Asia
- European Experiences and Perspectives

27-28 March 2003, Risoe National Laboratory, Roskilde, Denmark

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The second regional workshop of the ASEM Green IPP Network is aiming to present experiences of European players in SEA in different fields linked to the Green IPP issue and to present business opportunities and market conditions in South East Asia. Notably, it is envisaged to discuss opportunities and barriers under the changed market conditions in the energy sector.

Issues such as Emission Trading, Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanisms are key features of the new market conditions that Green IPPs are operating within. Hence, they make up an important part of the framework - and the business opportunities - for Green IPP activities and Session 1 presents this context in the form of the European approaches and experiences. The market conditions (macroeconomics, power system and markets, prices, investment climates, policies, regulatory instruments etc.) and opportunities in the Southeast Asian market are then presented both by Southeast Asian parties and by European players currently working with Green IPPs in Southeast Asia. Finally, the perspectives linked to European developments in renewable energy are outlined. What potentials do these developments offer in Europe and in SEA? Which difficulties do the European Green IPPs meet (e.g. with power system integration) and what experiences have been gained trying to surmount these difficulties? To what extent are these experiences transferable to SEA? The last session concentrates on wind energy and on the second day of the workshop there is a site visit to wind power plants near Copenhagen.


The workshop will be held at Risoe National Laboratory, Frederiksborgvej 399, DK-4000 Roskilde..

Risoe is located about 7 km north of the town of Roskilde, and about 40 km to the west of Copenhagen City Centre and about 50 km from Copenhagen Airport.

On the arrival at Risoe, please report at the main gate.

  • Getting to Risoe by public transport: Trains between Copenhagen Airport and Roskilde railway station depart at regular intervals (time 35 minutes). Trains between Copenhagen Central Station and Roskilde Station depart 3-4 times an hour (time about 25 minutes). Between Roskilde railway station and Risoe, bus numbers 600S and 216 between Roskilde Station and Risoe depart 4-6 times an hour. The bus ride takes slightly less than 15 minutes.
  • Getting there by car: From Copenhagen Airport to Risoe, the distance is approximately 50 km, 40-50 minutes. Follow Highway 20 direction west from the airport. Change lane to enter Highway 21 towards Sj. Odde and Roskilde. Stay on Highway 21 for about 22 km. Take Exit no. 10 (Roskilde �, Hiller�d) and continue for about 1 km. Turn right and follow Road 6 north towards Hiller�d. After about 8 km you will reach Risoe.

From Copenhagen Central Station the distance is 38 km, 40 minutes. Follow Vesterbrogade (direction west) for about 2 km. Continue straight ahead on Roskildevej - Road 156 - for about 27 km. Just after entering Roskilde you will pass under a highway. Continue for another 1 km and then turn right and follow Road 6 north towards Hiller�d. After about 8 km you will reach Risoe.

  • Getting there by taxi: From Copenhagen Airport or Copenhagen Central Station to Risoe at approximately 350 Danish Kroner (around 50 Euro). From Roskilde Station to Risoe at approximately 120 Danish Kroner (around 17 Euro).

Further practical information will follow shortly. Information on how to get to Risoe can be found at this web site:


A bloc reservation has been made at the Hotel Prindsen, Algade 13, DK-4000 Roskilde. This hotel is located in central Roskilde near the railway station. There are good bus connections between the railway station and Risoe.

Rate - single room: 880 Danish Kroner (approximately 125 Euro), including breakfast.

If you wish to utilize this, please book directly to the hotel before 17 March 2003 (referring to your participation in workshop at Risoe):

  • Algade 13, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark
  • Phone: (+45) 4630 9100
  • Fax: (+45) 4630 9150
  • E-mail:

The Website of the hotel is:


To register for the workshop, either mail the registration form below to or fax it to (+45) 4677 5199.


There is no registration fee for the workshop.

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